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FTL transportation is a type of delivery that involves full load of the vehicle with the products of one customer. The absolute advantage of transportation of this type is efficiency as the truck is loaded and unloaded only once bypassing any warehouse terminals.

X-LOG offers a comprehensive solution for cargo transportation including development of an individual route for each customer; in addition, the wishes for delivery of cargo in parts to different addresses can be taken into account. We transport both standard and complex dangerous cargo.

All kinds of rolling stock, from a truck with a load capacity of 1.5 tons to road-trains and jumbo trailers

X-LOG performs forwarding of significant volumes batches.

A road-train is a combined multi-link vehicle consisting of a truck tractor, and a trailer or semitrailer. In the vast majority of cases it is cost-efficient to use road-trains for large volume cargo transportation.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Forwarding of dangerous goods transportation (ADR) of different load capacities.

Transportation from the EU countries to Russia and other countries of the former USSR without geographical restrictions

X-LOG has been forwarding international cargo transportation without geographical restrictions from the EU countries to Russia and other countries of the former USSR for more than 10 years. Thanks to many years of experience we offer optimal solutions even for the most difficult orders.

Export customs clearance in Europe (EXW)

We provide comprehensive solutions for cargo forwarding including export customs clearance in Europe. Thanks to this our customers save time and money when working with customs.  Our staff consists of experienced specialists, therefore your documents are processed without mistakes, and the goods are not delayed in customs terminals. At any time we have up-to-date information on delivery and immediately respond to all questions.

Transportation from Russia to any country of the former USSR

We offer favorable rates for transportation from Russia to any country of the former Soviet Union. To order road transportation, please contact us in any convenient way specified in the contacts.
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