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Less than truckload transportation is the kind of delivery, which suggests the loading with cargoes from several consignors. They also are called less than truckload. Benefit of this transportation type is their economic costs related to FTL.

The Company X-LOG offers end-to-end solution for transportation, including also to implement the LTL. The particularity of this transportation type is that the most of our customers use them for transportation of small stores and average stores, and production is usually placed on pallets.

Transportation from any point of Europe to the Russian Federation other countries of the Former Soviet Union without restrictions of the territory

The Company X-LOG implements more than 10 years the international transportation  without restrictions of the territory from the countries of the EU to The Russian Federation and other  countries of the Former Soviet Union. Thanks to the long experience we offer the optimal solution even for the uneasiest offers. Successful work during many years, large basis of standing customers, large companies-clients have allowed to us to gain good repute on the transportation markets of the Russian Federation, of the European Union and post-Soviet states.

Any types of wagons, including the refrigerated one

Wide choice of the cars in the fleet of the Company X-LOG allows to choose the wagon for any loads.

For example, the use of heavy-duty wagon is more efficiency for transportation of large amount of loads for the significant directions. And the transportation of loads of small stores is more efficient with wagons of large load and dump wagons.

For transportation of cargoes with extremely limited shelf life and heightened requirements to the temperature mode, for example, foods, by railways offers the Company X-LOG the use of single-purposed refrigerated wagon. The particularity of this way of delivery is, that the temperature in the cargo space is supported at the stable level during the whole time of transportation in the range from -25°С till +25°С.

Transportation of loads, requiring ADR

The vehicle of our Company is admitted for transportation of hazardous loads (ADR)  of the several capacity. Our drivers have longstanding professional experience  with loads of different hazard category, including highly-flammable solids and fluids, explosives etc.

By the transport of this load types we carry out:

● Preparation of approvals package;

● Choice of drivers, who have complete training;

● On vehicle, which is equipped in accordance with the loads hazard category;

● Securing the regular load marking.

Loads consolidating in the Kingdom of Spain, the Italian Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Poland and the Lithuanian Republic

Loads consolidating includes collecting, keeping and furthering transportation on the same route the small stores from several consignors. Load is delivered to  specialized warehouse, where it is kept till the moment of consolidation with others loads, following the same route.

Logistics experts form the route in such a way, that a supplier may, going to one settlement make a stop in another settlements, which are en route. Such way off transportation is convenient in case if you want to save maximum on transportation of small stores after dimensions and weight.

More than 10 years has X-LOG been delivering the out-of gauge cargoes of varying difficulty level. Our partners by transportation logistical implementation within the Russian Federation and abroad are including the warehouses in the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Poland and the Lithuanian Republic. Thanks to this we consolidate and sen loads across Europe at least once per week.

Export custom clearance formalities in Europe (EXW)

Under the EXW, is the declaring of goods not the responsibilities of selling assistant under the contract and that is why for the loads transportation to the countries of the Customs Union you need reliable partners, who undertake the care of loads. The Company X-LOG cooperates with partners from lots of countries of Europe, aiding the clients regularly and without problems to transport loads from Europe to the Russian Federation.

LTL from any point of Russia and the Republic of Belarus to Europe and other directions

The countries of the EU are by right ones of the most popular directions of transportation from Russia.

Clients of X-LOG dispatch loads from Russia and the Republic of Belarus to the countries of the European Union every week, that is why we can transport your loads to these countries as soon as possible. We dispatch weekly 2-3 less than trailer loads, carring out directly, safe and reliable delivery.

Payment for services is made in any currency only cashless to the account of the Company. Our employees will help you to calculate the delivery price.

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