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FTL clearance

We provide comprehensive solutions for cargo transportation including export customs clearance in Russia and around the world (including the EU countries, the former USSR and the EAEU countries). Thanks to this our customers save time and money when working with customs.

At the same time, all involved transport has a complete necessary set of shipping and authorization documents for international transportation of any volume including FTL transportation.

LTL clearance

According to EXW terms the declaration of goods for export in assembled vehicles is not the responsibility of the seller under the contract, and therefore to deliver goods to other countries you will need reliable partners who will take care of customs clearance of documents for your goods. X-LOG cooperates with partners around the world helping customers in transporting goods from other countries to Russia regularly and without problems.

Clearance of cargo batches arriving simultaneously on several trucks

For transportation of a very large cargo batch or cargo, and oversized cargo requiring special fixation or for dangerous goods one batch transportation several vehicles are often used. This practice is regular for us and we are ready to provide it to our clients.

Clearance of container cargo at the port of destination

When clearing internal customs transit (ICT) or goods at the port, it is necessary to clear a set of documents that includes:

● accompanying documents for the goods;

● invoice;

● packing list

● bill of lading.

Mistakes made when clearing these documents can cause significant delays of cargo at the port and increase the goods delivery costs. Our staff consists of experienced specialists who will help you with correct clearance of documents; thanks to this, the goods are not delayed in customs terminals.

We start the cargo clearing even before the containers with the cargo arrive at the port, which significantly speeds up the delivery process.

X-LOG is ready to help every client, even with the most complex issues and serious requirements; with us you can save your budget and time.

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