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Certification of goods for the EAEU countries

The goods quality confirmation is an obligatory condition for obtaining a final authorization for import or export and performing transport operations to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia). To confirm compliance with the quality criteria a procedure for certification and declaration of goods is provided.

Violation of the legislation in terms of confirming the compliance of the goods quality entails penalties that can reach up to 200% of the cost of the products sold. Therefore, it is much cheaper to perform transportation within the framework of the legislation.

X-LOG experts help in passing the certification procedure and declaring any category of the goods, saving your time.

Route from a manufacturer to a consumer

X-LOG offers its customers full logistics support in foreign economic activity:

● development and implementation of optimal schemes of interaction with contractors, suppliers, partners, and buyers when importing / exporting goods. Our experts share their many years of experience when solving issues of interaction with foreign partners and clients. Very often, it is the experience and competence of our experts that are the key factor for implementation of our customers’ transactions;

● delivery of any goods including those requiring compliance with special temperature conditions. The routes are developed individually taking into account the specifics of the cargo, the specifics of transport, and possible need for use of warehouses. We undertake the routes development to ensure your cargo to be delivered safe and on time.

● cargo insurance;

● registration of Certificates of Conformity and other authorization documents required for importing foreign products to Russia.

● support in passing customs control.

Trade in Russia and the EAEU countries, conversion

The unstable foreign policy and economic situation leads to inevitable jumps of exchange rates, often in the unfavorable direction for the ruble, which is important to take into account when making payments of any types of customs duties directly at the customs post.

We offer our customers advice on all issues that arise during implementation of international transportation including conversion issues.

Reliable support of international transactions with X-LOG will allow you to develop your business and reach the international level without the need to expand the staff today. More detailed terms of cooperation, as well as the cost of work, can be specified by phone.

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