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Any direction, we cooperate directly with sea lines

X-LOG provides fast and safe forwarding of international sea transportation in all directions. We provide services for all types of cargo including dangerous, oversized, and heavy cargo.

We undertake performing the customs import clearance and export clearance procedures, obtaining preliminary classification decisions, calculating the customs cost and customs payments, and much more, in order to minimize the time required for customs clearance and release of goods under the selected customs procedure.

Due to our many years of experience and reputation we cooperate with the sea lines, major European forwarding and stevedoring agencies without intermediaries, hereby offering some of the best sea freight rates in Russia.

Port forwarding and customs clearance in the port

Port forwarding includes a complex of works on carrying out loading-unloading and transshipment operations, moving cargo on the port territory, placing it for storage, as well as documentary support of all operations.

This stage is mandatory and contains a large number of details and administrative formalities, such as translating foreign documents, making changes in accompanying documents, legalizing foreign documents, and much more.

We provide full support related to internal port freight forwarding of any complexity and volume for our clients including stevedoring, attracting tallymen, surveyor services, and placement in warehouses. X-LOG undertakes port operations related to import, export, and transit cargo, thus saving our customers’ time and money.

Transportation of containers to recipients and return of empty containers

We arrange international container transportation including transportation of loaded and empty containers. Within the framework of sea container cargo transportation we provide services on arrangement and delivery of cargo to the recipient’s warehouse in any region of Russia.

After delivery of the container and unloading of the goods the empty container should be returned back to the sea line. Each ship line has its own conditions related to use of containers, which determines the cost of return, as well as the terms of transportation.

X-LOG is engaged in sea transportation on a regular basis, so we offer our customers the most optimal options for transportation and return of containers; due to this your orders will be delivered safe in the shortest possible time.

Possibility of containers storage outside the port territory after customs clearance

When performing sea transportation, we select individually developed optimal routes for our customers including the possibility to store containers outside the port after customs clearance.

Warehouse services, repacking in a warehouse outside the port territory

When storing and repacking cargo in a warehouse outside the port, X-LOG ensures safety of products; it provides the necessary tare and packages, and also arranges return, repair or disposal of old tare and packages.

All works are carried out simultaneously, in parallel and in combination with other warehouse works, which allows making transportation of orders faster.

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