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Out-of Gauge transportation by the Company X-LOG is handled within the Russian Federation as well as abroad. For out-of gauge transportation organization the route approval on case-by-case basis is necessary, use of vocational trucks for loading and unloading, location charts development, as well as manufacturing of securing loads.

Visit by expert to the point of entrainment

We handle the full range of loading-unloading operation:

● An expert from our Company visits the  point of entrainment for overall loads dimensions and weight determination;

● On this basis the appropriate way of cargo loading is selected;

● Cargo securing for its furthering transportation;

● In case of necessity the charging gears and loads security on flatdeck are manufactured.

Export custom clearance formalities

More than 10 years has X-LOG been delivering the out-of gauge loads of varying difficulty level. Our partners by transportation logistical implementation within the Russian Federation and abroad are biggest single purpose cargo-carrying companies and ship operators.

Out-of gauge transportation is regulated by international conventions, agreements, local legislation of member-countries of foreign economic activities and requires special permit drawings.

We provide full range of custom clearance formalities:

● Development of the appropriate way of loads delivering for each specific loads dimensions.

● Choice of appropriate delivery vessels and transportation way.

● Assistance for preparation of documents and export clearance certificate filling

● Export custom clearance procedere cargo accommodation. Carrying out of advance notification procedures, of e-declaration procedere etc.

● Calculation and payment of customs, duties & taxes.

Custom clearance formalities

X-LOG carries out certified custom clearance formalities of out-of gauge loads at any custom checkpoints of the Russian Federation, under any custom procedures and regimes: import (release for home use ), export, custom transit and others.
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