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Choice of quantity and type of wagons

Modern transport operators use wagons of different type and models, differ from themselves as in design as well as in relation to technical specifications, performance criteria and economic performances. Calculation and field experience show that for the same cargoes transportation wagons of different types and models can be used, which under the same operating conditions have different performance, and, more important, have different operational costs.

For example, usage of large-load wagon is more effective for long distance delivery of large loads. Usage of dump-wagons for loads in bulk transportation is more effective for short distance delivery, than the usage of multi-purpose vehicles. Lightweight loads transportation is more effective with the wagon with more body space and high-sided.

High range for choice of vehicles in the fleet of the Company X-LOG allows to choose the wagon for any cargo.

Project coordination «Door-to-door»

Custom cargo delivery design is necessary for our-of gauge loads, hazardous supplies and complex loads. X-LOG carries out the loads transportation of any degree of complexity, taking into account the local transportation and location conditions: seasonal ice roads, roads absence, roadway, bridges and tunnels of restricted parameters; as well as by choosing the vehicle due to the temperature control requirements.

Project coordination «Door-to-door» includes:

● Loads performance study;

● Information collection and analysis about the road net to use, taking into account the jamming data and about other road crunches;

● Selection of most convenient vehicle for transportation

● Documents preparation;

● Cargo loading and its secure, Hardware manufacturing in case of necessity;

● Organization and compliance with customs facilities;

● Complete coordination and loads transportation control at each phase.

If you have a non-standard request, the Company X-LOG is ready to help you to  handle extremely challenging logistical itineraries, having chosen the most convenient way of its implementation.

Loads consolidation opportunity in Europe

Loads consolidation includes collecting, storage and further transportation at the same route the shot lot of supply items from several consignors. Load is delivered to special storage areas, where it is stored till the moment of consolidating with other loads of the same traffic route.

Logistic experts make up the itinerary in such a way, that the supplier going to one settlement, can stop over at the other settlements, which are en route. Such transportation way is convenient in case, if you want to save maximum on transportation of small stores in relation to volume and weight.

X-LOG delivers more than 10 years the breakbulk loads of different complexity degree. Our partners by handling the transportation in the Russian Federation and abroad are the biggest single-purpose transportation providers and ship operators, including partnership with stores in cities of Europe. Thereby we consolidate and dispatch loads across Europe at least once a week.

Project cost calculation

To become free project cost calculation of your load you can after reaching out our company administrators.
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