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FTL in any direction at competitive prices

The Company X – LOG offers full truck load (FTL) transportation withing the territory of the Russian Federation as well as to (out) the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic.


The loads transportation within the territory of the Russian Federation and the custom union countries is one of the main business profiles of X-LOG, that is why we are ready to offer you full-service support of carriage, including the assistance for the customs processing of documents. We handle transportation of standard loads as well as complex hazardous supplies, temperature supplies. Our truck fleet with large variety of car choice, experienced staff resources and longstanding professional experience of X-LOG afford us opportunity of choice of appropriate loads delivering way at the most attractive price.

Dispatch outwards are handled on regular basis weekly for FTL transportation terms may be agreed on case-by-case basis with each consumer.

We treat with extremely due care to out clients’ cargoes and guarantee extra promptness in relation to your property. All cargoes are insured by the company Sberbank Srakhovanie.

LTL from Moscow in any direction across the Russian Federation

For less-than-truckload we offer service of LTL delivery. Less than container loads from Moscow covers almost whole territory of the Russian Federation.

We recommend to use this transportation type for less-than-truckloads, for which it is non-remunerative to dispatch them in particularly chartered truck. Less than container loads suggests loads dispatch from different consumers in one car, en route to the same direction.

Weekly less than truckloads lines from Moscow to the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus are the most popular routing schemes from Moscow. These countries are members of the Eurasian Economic Community, that is why cargoes transportation in these directions is handled free.

Consumers of X-LOG dispatch loads from Moscow to the cities of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan each week, that is why we can transport your loads to these countries as soon as possible. We dispatch weekly 2-3 less than containers, handling directly, safe reliable delivery.

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