It is an unwritten axiom that every successful company is obliged to help one's neighbor. We have chosen the most difficult path: to bring back to life people suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. During the pandemic we all follow closely the growth of deaths, completely forgetting that in our country 500,000 alcoholics and 60,000 – 70,000 drug addicts die each year directly or indirectly from the aforementioned ailments, also more than 1 person per minute. Please count how many people have left this world while you are having dinner, watching your favorite movie, having a row with your wife or mother-in-law. It cannot be said that the state did not take up this problem. There are hundreds of rehabilitation centers in the country, where people learn to live in a new way under the guidance of qualified psychologists in the conditions of rejection of harmful substances, including comprehending the Program of 12 Steps from the communities of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The results are impressive, but the audience coverage is very small, and almost all of these centers are to be paid. If this whole huge army of chemically dependent people could work, we would forget about
unemployment. While all entrepreneurs traditionally complain about the lack of workers in almost all professions, we monthly transfer funds to the «Charitable Foundation named after A.S. Makarenko» and participate in the program of professional training for habilitants. The power of a nation lies in its ability to keep and increase its past. In Japan Makarenko methods have long been used in secondary vocational education. In Germany there is an Institute that studies the legacy of
Makarenko. Who among those reading this text remembers him in Russia? Who knows that collecting homeless people and morphine addicts from the streets, Anton Semenovich created communes that turn yesterday homeless children into class workers, engineers, and leaders? The Foundation helps those who have no past, no social and professional skills that can be returned after recovery. He creates them newly. This is called habilitation. People get a profession, education, work and accumulate earnings on individual accounts. The program is unique, but it requires serious expenses at the start-up stage for expansion and adaptation throughout the country.


We urge our partners and clients to remember their loved ones who have lost their human appearance and even their lives from alcohol and drug addiction, and ALL OF YOU HAVE THIS WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS, count how many people died while you read this appeal, contact the Foundation and provide help him as much as possible.


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